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"Feelin' Yeehaw-tistic" Cowboy Cat Sticker

"Feelin' Yeehaw-tistic" Cowboy Cat Sticker

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Our "Feelin' Yeehaw-tistic" cowboy cat vinyl sticker is the perfect way to express your unique identity. The autistic experience is different for everyone and it comes with varying levels of challenges, but there is also so much to celebrate. Feeling yeehaw-tistic means leaning into your strengths, expressing your autistic joy and having self-compassion when things are tough. You're doing amazing, pardner! *tips hat*

🤠 Why Choose Our Yeehaw-tistic Vinyl Sticker?

Designed to celebrate the autistic community: It provides a playful and adorable way to express your identity.

Premium Vinyl Quality: Made with waterproof vinyl, this sticker is designed to endure. It adheres seamlessly to laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more, ensuring that your message remains vivid and intact.

Effortless Application: Applying our sticker is quick and easy. Simply peel and stick to instantly add a touch of yeehaw-tistic pride to your possessions.

Spark Conversations: This sticker not only showcases your autistic pride but also helps raise awareness and understanding within and beyond the autistic community.


          • Approx 75mm x 65mm (3 inches by 2.5 inches)
          • Waterpoof vinyl
          • Gloss finish
          • Permanent adhesive
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