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"No Talk Me - I'm Hyperfocusing" Cat Sticker

"No Talk Me - I'm Hyperfocusing" Cat Sticker

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Communicate your need for uninterrupted focus in a playful way with this adorable cat vinyl sticker. The message "no talk me - I'm hyperfocusing" serves as a lighthearted reminder to those around you that you may be deeply engrossed in your work or passion and would rather not be disturbed. 

🐱 Why Choose Our Hyperfocusing Vinyl Sticker?

Tailored for the Neurodivergent Community: Designed with ADHD and autistic individuals in mind, this sticker provides a sweet and friendly way to convey your needs.

High-Quality Vinyl: Crafted with premium, waterproof vinyl, this sticker is built to last. It's perfect for laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more, ensuring that your message stays clear and vibrant.

Easy Application: Our stickers are designed for hassle-free application. Simply peel and stick to personalize your belongings in seconds.

Community Connection: By proudly displaying this sticker, you not only express your own needs but also help create awareness and understanding of the neurodivergent community.


    • 75mm x 65mm (3 inches by 2.5 inches)
    • Waterproof vinyl
    • Gloss finish
    • Permanent adhesive
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